2020 Ruth Sokolof Christmas Gift Card Distribution

2020 Gift Card Distribution in Lieu of Party

The Foundation has cancelled the 2020 Ruth Sokolof Christmas Party for Visually Impaired Children due to the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, we are disappointed that we will not have a Christmas Party this year, but the pandemic simply presented too many obstacles to surmount. We look forward to re-establishing the annual Christmas Party tradition in 2021.

In lieu of the annual party, the Foundation has decided to distribute Visa gift cards to all blind and visually impaired children who would otherwise be eligible for our annual event. The gift card distribution will allow those children to do independent Christmas shopping with the help of family and friends. Like our traditional Christmas Party, which provides a combination of cash and gift cards totaling $100, the gift cards in this distribution will have a value of $100.

To receive a gift card, a child must be:

  • living in Nebraska and attending a Nebraska school in grades K through 12;
  • aged at least 5, but not more than 18; and
  • receiving services for visual impairment from the local school district or ESU.

You may register a child for the gift card distribution by completing the registration form on this page after registration opens on November 9. Registration requests must be submitted by Friday, December 4, 2020. Registrations received after that date will not be accepted.

Registration using the form on this page is the only way to register for the distribution; e-mail, text and phone registrations will not be accepted.

Registration requests are subject to verification of the child’s eligibility for the distribution. If your registration is accepted, you will receive a registration confirmation within seven days from your submission.

Gift cards will be distributed by U.S. mail not later than the week of December 14, 2020. Gift cards may be used for in-store or online shopping. Please be aware that gift cards will expire one year from the date of issue, so it is important that they be used promptly.

If you have questions about the distribution, please contact us.

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